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Our History

Herschel R. Kendrick founded our company in 1953. He began by delivering water to Warren, County, OH farmers at night and removing water tanks and moving household goods during the day. With the help of his six children throughout the 60s and 70s, Kendrick Moving and Storage became one of the most prominent businesses in the area.

We expanded into hauling freight under Kendrick Motor Freight and did some work for Wright Patterson Air Force Base during its development. We were also entrusted with helping such names as NFL superstar Ozzie Newsome, Mike Bowling (the creator of Pound Puppies), and Neil Armstrong in their moves. By 1990 we had 50 trucks, 75 trailers, and 100 employees.

In 1991, Herschel sadly passed away. Three year later, his wife, Martha, decided to sell all of our trucks and the affiliated atlas agency; however, she kept the four acre truck terminal and all of its buildings. Their son, James, reopened the terminal in 1996 and purchased it from her in 1999.

During his tenure as owner, he has accomplished some of Warren County's largest and most difficult moves, including:

  • Warren County Probate Court
  • Warren County Clerk of Courts
  • Offices of Warren County
  • Lebanon City Schools
  • Springboro City Schools
  • Armco's move from the City Center Mall
  • Relocation and storage of approximately 150 enlisted personnel per year from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Growing up helping his father with the business, James and his siblings learned the value of a job well done and became proud of the quality and dependability of our services. James does his best to instill the same ideal of a strong ethic into all of our employees. We guarantee that every move is approached with the same conscious effort toward perfection and honest services. You won't find a company more dedicated to their customers or excellence in service.


Mary and I had lived at the same location for the past 32 years. As a result, our experiences with moving an entire household were in the distant past. Because Mary’s employer frequently used Kendrick movers to transport antiques purchased in his store that were too large for the purchaser to move on their own, she knew exactly who she would use for our move.

What an excellent choice it turned out to be! Our moving team of Mike, Randy and Kevin turned out to be all that anyone could ask for. They arrived on time, assessed our home’s contents quickly, and were soon packing the truck, taking care of each piece with which they were entrusted. Twelve hours, and 20,341 pounds later, each item was carefully padded and packed aboard the truck.

The following morning, they again arrived on time and proceeded immediately to unload the truck. Seven hours later they had each item carefully placed where we had asked. On more than one occasion, they relocated an item when we had decided it would be more appropriate somewhere else. Items disassembled for the move, including among others a baby grand piano, were carefully reassembled to the same condition in which they were found. We have now unpacked 85% of the items moved and have yet to find a single piece damaged during the move. Quite an impressive record!

Without any question in our minds, Kendricks took what could have been a difficult period in our lives and reduced it to one of a minor inconvenience. We give Kendricks movers, and most particularly those with whom we came in contact, the highest possible recommendation. Not only do we recommend them, we do so without hesitation or reservation. They are the quintessential professionals and will provide nothing less than the best of service.

Robert E. Stegemiller, MD
Mary D. Stegemiller